Captain Mannis Executive Boat Rentals Boat Rental FAQ

Can we rent a boat for one day?

No. Mannis has a two day minimum rental requirement. Our operation is not set up to manage one day rentals. Most of our customers are avid boaters who keep the boat at their home dock for multiple days.

How long can you rent a boat?

There is no limit on the length of a rental except the 2 day minimum.

Can we dock the boat at your Marina?

Yes, Everest Marina has enough dock space to tie up a few boats overnight however space is limited but rarely a problem.

How far can I take the boat?

The range you can operate one of our boats is defined by our Sea Tow Emergency Insurance area. Basically you can go north to Captiva Pass and south to Wiggins Pass and up the river to Alva. You can go out into the Gulf of Mexico no further than five miles keeping land in sight at all times.

How old do you have to be to rent (operate) a boat?

The State of Florida Regulations state. “Anyone born on or after January 1, 1988 must pass an approved boater safety course and hold a valid card or be accompanied by a person who does hold such card” Exempt are licensed Captains.

What other requirements are there to rent a boat?

The State of Florida requires all boat rental operations to provide boat renters with pre-rental or pre-ride instruction or orientation before releasing the boat.

So what is this instruction orientation entail at Captain Mannis?

To protect the safety of the people and families that rent from us and the integrity of our business we provide the best orientation possible. Our US Coast Guard licensed Captain actually takes each client out on the waterways in the boat you rent for an orientation cruise that usually ends at your dock.

So what does this orientation include?

Captain Mannis orientation is the best in the area and includes a packet of boating information and a map for you to keep. It covers the characteristics of the boat you rent, boating safety, rules and regulations, boat handling, docking, emergency procedures, plus local navigation and waterway characteristics along with familiarization with the local charts and destinations. The captain is available too you by phone through out your rental period to answer any questions you may have.

Are there any costs for the Captains boating orientation?

Yes. First time renters at Captain Mannis pay a Captains Orientation fee of $200.00. This is a one time fee and return customers do not ever pay another orientation fee.

Is there any insurance I can get when renting a boat?

Yes. Our rentals include SEA-TOW coverage. Captain Mannis keeps each boat insured for liability and hull insurance.

Are there any other charges related to renting a boat from Captain Mannis?

Yes we collect 6.5% Florida State sales tax.

What comes with the boat I rent?

Each boat is fully equipped for a full day of boating including all the required safety gear. Each boat has a marine GPS unit, a bimini sun roof, and fresh water system along with local charts, boat hook, docking lines and fenders.

Other standard charges that may apply
  1. $50.00 - Some of our boats are equipped with portable potties in the head. Customers are welcome to use them but must bring them back clean and rinsed or the fee will be charged
  2. $100.00 - Boats must be returned free of trash, garbage and excess mud, sand and other debris or the fee will becharged.
  3. $300.00 - For any damage done to a standard aluminum propeller.
  4. $500.00 - For any damage to a stainless steel propeller
  5. $110.00 - Labor per hour plus parts, supplies and materials for any damage done to any part of the boat hull or interior.
  6. $110.00 - Labor per hour plus parts, supplies and materials for any mechanical damage from obvious and or proven misuse or abuse of the operation of the boat
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